Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Midas Quentin Fedrizzi, Media Hosseini, Tina Jochens, Tahmineh Setoodeh It’s a light, opaque and fragile material. The smell of this material is like the sense of opening the box of a new laptop! ————————————– Images property of the material owners.

Makeup Saver

Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Makeup Saver Fei Yang, Melos Zhita , Valeria Rivera, Yuhui Li ‘Makeup Saver’ is quite hard and with a smooth texture. Our DIY material is colorful and glossy thanks to the color and gloss of the eye shadow/ bronzer/ blush. ————————————– Images property of the material owners.


Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Fun-Co Claudia Catalani, Qinxia Chen, Martina Panza and Wenfei Yang. A furry material with a certain degree of flexibility. It is colored in different ways, depending on the make-up color that it’s taken off. It elicits different tactile experiences. ————————————– Images property of the material owners.


Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Comprastic    Signe Lemche, Nele Marie Kehmann, August Lund & Tessa Hillen A material that combines hard and light characteristics. The hardness of the material can vary, depending on how you choose to process the raw material. The color is similar to the color of the material in its previous life. ————————————– Images…

Waterproof Varnish

Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Waterproof  Varnish Santiago Vásquez Mora It is a transparent adhesive finish material that protects other porous and low resistance to moisture materials such as wood. It can be applied by spreading on the material surface. ————————————– Images property of the material owners.

Silicone Bioplastic

Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Silicone Bioplastic Valentina Zapata A semi-translucent material with a degree of flexibility. It can be colored and textured in different ways, depending mainly on the type of tea used for the material. Also, it has a particular sweet tea odor, is hydrophobic, and a little sticky. ————————————– Images property of the material owners.

Scrap Leather

Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Scrap Leather Pablo Campuzano An agglomerate that gives a new life to the waste of the leather industry. It can be used in similar ways as leather and have similar properties. ————————————– Images property of the material owners.


Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Protopiedra Daniel Lemus Opaque and very hard material with a low grade of ductility. It has poor resistance to water. The material is easier to dry in sheets but can also be created as solid volumes with a higher endurance to hits. ————————————– Images property of the material owners.

Potato Paperboard

Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Potato Paperboard Luisa Valentina Escobar Material made from potato peels. It consists of rough and light sheets. ————————————– Images property of the material owners.

PET Fibers

Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description PET Fibers Sonia Patiño It is a transparent or colored thread depending on the bottle used. It is hard and flexible enough to be able to be manipulated as a fiber. ————————————– Images property of the material owners.


Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Marail Maria Camila Calvo Salazar A semi-translucent rigid material made out of laser cutting waste allows creating different compositions both within the plaque itself, and the combination of multiple plates. ————————————– Images property of the material owners.

Life After Waste

Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Life After Waste Mariana Caamal Ultra-lightweight, non-rigid material. Very flexible and ductile. It can have different colors or textures, depending on the kind of plastic used. ————————————– Images property of the material owners.


Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Ferrámica Jaime Santos A super versatile set of ceramic tiles, unique because of their metallic color is taken from materials such as iron, copper, aluminum, and steel. ————————————– Images property of the material owners.

Coffee Ceramic

Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Coffee Ceramic Valentina Bahamón Sanguino It is a hard but fragile material. Easy to mold, add texture and dye of any color. Although it is rough due to the mixture of coffee and sand or sawdust, it doesn’t crumble. ————————————– Images property of the material owners.

Coffee Bioplastic

Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Coffee Bioplastic Paula Casallas This bio-plastic is an elastic and light material; its transparency varies depending on the amount of coffee used. It is not very flammable; in fact, it resists more than a minute on fire. ————————————– Images property of the material owners.