Kingdom: Recuperavit.


Butts Bunny

Carolina Giorgiani (Italy), Jinan Jezzini (Romania), Davide Mosito (Italy).

A semi-translucent material with a certain degree of flexibility depending on the number of butts inside it. It can also be colored with different natural ingredients. The material aims to be a provocation for a different use of a huge problem: cigarette butts. Humans throw out 72 billion butts per year, and they represent, for example, the 40% of waste in the Mediterranean Sea. The resulting material is a contrast between the beauty of it and the repulsion provoked to some people when acknowledging the raw material.

Material Qualities

Kingdom Attributes

  • Irregular
  • Light
  • Freedom of shape
  • Fibrous
  • Warm
  • Organic
  • Natural Color in Volume

Specific Material Attributes

  • Velvety
  • Soft
  • Fibrous
  • Texturized
  • Irregular
  • Rough

Basic Ingredients

  • Mycelium filamentous cells (hyphae).
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Rubbing Alcohol


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