Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Eggsperience   Cansu Cihaner,Kasia Bragiel,Fangyi Chen,Nick van Uum A solid natural animal material. The surface of the material has a different touch. The color of the material is dyed by edible pigment. ————————————– Images property of the material owners.

Eggshell Ceramic

Kingdom: Animale. //Description Eggshell Ceramic Gabriela Rodríguez Bermúdez A hard, rough, durable material that imitates the properties and textures of ceramics. When it dries, it has a very rock-like visual appearance. ————————————– Images property of the material owners.

Edible Plastic

Kingdom: Animale. //Description Edible Plastic Maria Paula Abello Edible Bioplastic is a thin translucent and flexible sheet that can vary on textures, colors, shapes. It sizes depending on the molding process and the variations of the ratios of the ingredients. The material is also water-soluble and melts quickly. ————————————– Images property of the material owners.