Kingdom: Animale.


“With Ruminant Bloom, Lohmann pushes the boundaries of what’s acceptable. The lamps’ decorative and light structures are made of tripe, or preserved sheep and cow stomachs. The initial attraction to the object turns into a moment of disgust, followed by fascination. And it’s this evolution of feeling that is the most valuable to Lohmann. If the leftovers can be reconsidered as objects of beauty and decoration, we might consider the process of meat production differently. The Ruminant Bloom lights are extreme material experiments where Lohmann has preserved the raw material, spreading it into billowing shapes and adding a light source that takes the end product far from its origins.  ” (Julia Lohmann, 2004)

Material Qualities

Kingdom Attributes

  • Unique
  • Irregular
  • Surprising
  • Crafted

Specific Material Attributes

  • Uncomfortable
  • Agressive
  • Honest
  • Resistant
  • Curly
  • Disorganized
  • Interlaced

Basic Ingredients

  • tripe, or preserved sheep and cow stomachs.


Julia Lohmann

DE +49 176 4705 0131

GB +44 790 988 2545


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– Lohmann, J. (2004) Ruminant Bloom. Retrieved from