Kingdom: Vegetabile.


“De Algarum Natura originated as an investigation in the possibility of making effective use of the vast amount of seaweeds, which constantly accumulate on the worldwide strands. Triggered by the potential residing within such overflow of marine biomass, Officina Corpuscoli decided to explore the possibility of creating materials from algae, by first extracting and then re-combining their main constituting components, for the creation of novel compounds.

Algae incorporate many different components, as for instance natural binders; agar-agar and carrageenan are some of those. Once extracted, these components can be re-combined for the creation of a range of usable materials.

By utilising different products extracted from seaweeds, a palette of diverse material samples has been created.

Officina Corpuscoli is now conducting a deeper investigation, aiming to identify and further research the qualities and the potential of different seaweed species. Such process will allow gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the subject as well as a wider range of optional trajectories for the generation of a large variety of performative, algae-based biomaterials.

The ultimate aim of the project is to produce different qualities of materials (e.g. hard, translucent, flexible, resistant), by exclusively making use of seaweeds and of the products they embed, without needing to use any additional/external component.” (Officina Corpuscoli, 2015)

Material Qualities

Kingdom Attributes

  • Matte
  • Textured
  • Warm
  • Expendable
  • Rough
  • Discontinue Surface Pattern
  • Light
  • Irregular

Specific Material Attributes

  • Translucent
  • Sonorous
  • Cheap
  • Fluffy
  • Warm
  • Flexible
  • Bumpy
  • Colorless
  • Airy
  • Functional

Basic Ingredients

  • Agar Powder
  • Sugar
  • Water


Officina Corpuscoli

Eindhoven, Netherlands


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– Corpuscoli, O. (2015) De Algarum Natura. Retrieved from