Kingdom: Vegetabile.


“Algaemy investigates the potential of microalgae in a creative context. The textile designer Essi Johanna Glomb and the product designer Rasa Weber reveal the aesthetic potential of a resource commonly regarded as weeds within Europe.

The production of Algaemy occurs by an analog textile-printer which produces a fast-growing pigment. A full-color palette of different shades of blue, green, brown and red is the result of a mix of different species of microalgae. Microalgae have an incredibly wide range of applications such as nutrition, energy- and oil production, filtering qualities and even co2 absorption. The machine uses this potential to create an autarchic circle of production, which does not require additional energy or material apart from manpower and the microalgae itself.

Algaemy is a design laboratory investigating the potential of microalgae as pigment in textile printing.” (Glomb and Weber, 2015)

Material Qualities

Kingdom Attributes

  • Matte
  • Organic
  • Hand-Made
  • Non-Uniform Coloration
  • Irregular
  • Unique
  • Signs of time

Specific Material Attributes

  • Fresh
  • Textured
  • Sustainable
  • Natural
  • Cradle to Cradle
  • Colorful
  • Crafted

Basic Ingredients

  • Freeze-dried algae
  • Water
  • Pigment Binder


Studio Blond & Bieber

Rudolf Baschant Straße 2 13086 Berlin, Germany


Images property of the material owners.

-Glomb, E. J., Weber, R., (2015) Algaemy. Crafting our future food. Retrieved from